White Ants Control

In need of effective and reputable white ants control Perth? Are you searching for professional white ant treatment solutions after seeing termites or white ants invading your property unchecked?  Well, one of the first things that you ought to know is that such pests aren’t actually ants but something much worse – termites. They are only called as such because they look very much similar to ants – only bigger and white in color.

White ants control is certainly something that you cannot do without especially if you see them running around your property unchecked.  This is because termites (sometimes called white ants) are known to be some of the most destructive types of the pest in existence accounting for millions of dollars worth of property damage year after year.  One of the worst things about termite infestation is that it is often hard to detect in its early stages.  The infestation typically becomes apparent when significant damage has already been done.  This makes white ant treatment a priority and one should be especially vigilant about termite infestation and call on termite treatment Perth services as early as possible to address the problem.

Although white ants or termites don’t spread any serious diseases like rats and cockroaches, they are still classified as highly dangerous if ignored.  They can still endanger the lives of property owners by ruining supports and foundations making our homes and establishments unsafe to be in.  Such damages can be very expensive to repair and in many cases, the only real option is to rebuild and replace foundations entirely and any other wooden areas or components affected by the problem.  If you want to steer clear of all the financial loss and frustrations attributed to such problems, you would do well to invest in termite control Perth and preventive solutions.  Let’s take a look at some of the things that our services can do for you with regards to your termite pest control needs.

White ants pest control solutions

There are a couple of things that our services can do for you in addressing your white ants control needs. As mentioned earlier, white ant treatment services are crucial to keeping your property free from termites and the harm or damages that they bring.

Termite Inspection and treatment Our pest controllers are all highly proficient in termite treatment Perth and are trained in detecting the smallest sign of an impending termite infestation. Our service conducts regular property inspections as part of our termite control Perth program to make sure that your termite problems does not get out of hand and are effectively kept out with chemical solutions designed specifically as an effective killing agent against termites.

White ant barriers – After eradicating all traces of white ants or termites from your property, our white ants pest control services can help you prevent the problem from reoccurring by setting up barriers around your property which is impenetrable for white ants.  Such barriers can be made out of crushed concrete, wire mesh, metal or plastic sheets containing termiticides or insecticide solutions specifically designed ward off white ants.  The soil around the property can also be converted into a white ant barrier by treating it with in-soil chemical barriers.

White ant control and baiting – this type of white ant treatment solution involves setting up monitoring stations along the perimeter of your property and pack with everything that makes it a suitable location for foraging white ants.  If termite activity is detected along these stations, termite treatment Perth is carried out by equipping the station with a bait that will slowly kill white ants as it spreads throughout the termite colony which makes it one of the best and most effective termite control Perth solutions for eliminating and preventing the white ant infestation.

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