Water Damaged Ceiling, What to Do?

watere damaged perth ceiling repairs

Not only leaky or burst pipes, overflowing bathtub or toilet, and roof leaks are possibly the reason behind water damaged ceiling. Even though the leak in ceiling are usually visible, it’s hard to discover which one is the source and how to repair it. 

Regardless of the source, water damaged ceiling is considered an emergency and require immediate Perth ceiling repairs. The leaking water will enter and be absorbed by the property’s building materials, from drywall to the furniture. The leaking water will spread and make the building material damp, eventually worsening the damage. Untreated water damaged ceiling and wall will slowly deteriorate. In the worst case, it can cause severe structural damage to the house. Moreover, the dampness can lead to mould growth that may cause some health issues.


How to Fix Water Damaged Ceiling?

It is essential to promptly fix any water damaged ceiling if you have it on your property. If you decide not to do so, the structure’s stability of the property may suffer from the damage, and it’s unsafe to be living in. That’s why you should take immediate action and call the best ceiling contractor nearby to avoid future harm.

Use the information below to learn more about how to fix a water damaged ceiling.

1. Stop the Water Source

Before you start repairing a water damage incident, you should fix the water leak source first. This is required to avoid future water damage. If you don’t stop the water supply first, the leak in ceiling may continue to deteriorate the building material.

You may need to demolish the damaged drywall to find the cause. Because water can spread, the source might be quite far from the damaged ceiling area. So, when you find the source, do any necessary repair and replacement to stop the water from leaking.

2. Dry the Affected Areas

After handling the leaking water source, you should immediately dry the affected area. Lay a tarp on the floor or any equipment in the room to protect them from water and dirt. Then collect the equipment to dry the ceiling, such as fans and a soft cloth. Take your time to dry the surfaces to ensure that the moisture is completely dried up.

If water is still leaking after you dried up the ceiling, it is still excessively saturated and has to be dried more. You may need to cut away the pieces which are still wet to dry them. If the drywall ceiling is bulging, pierce it to allow the trapped water out. But before that, put a bucket underneath the swollen area to capture the water.


Should I Do Ceiling Repair Or Replace?

If you live in a home with ceiling damage, you might be wondering how to repair and restore it. Keep in mind, proper treatment upon a water damaged ceiling is compulsory. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will become. The dilemma is whether a damaged ceiling should be repaired or replaced.

Repairing a Ceiling

Calling in specialists is the best way to decide if a ceiling should be fixed or replaced. Get reliable Perth ceiling repairs to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate and do the project in a fast and competent manner. 

Ceiling damage may seem trivia since you only see a bit of fracture while it could conceal a much larger problem. Meanwhile, water damaged ceiling may lead to sagging, which can lead to mould, termites, and damage to the walls and flooring.

Fixing the water damaged ceiling in old houses offers advantages since it allows you to maintain the character and any old ceiling mouldings and roses. Repairing minor or aesthetic damage is usually less expensive than getting a complete replacement, and paint may be needed to get a smooth look. 

Call Perth Ceiling Repairs Expert to Fix Water Damaged Ceiling

Water damage is a disaster that requires prompt attention. These issues often need more than do-it-yourself fixes. For water damage restoration service and even ceiling replacement for severely damaged ceilings, you should get expert help.


Perth Ceiling Repairs Experts You Need

Perth Ceiling and Walls has experts on hand to help fix water-damaged ceilings in commercial and residential properties. They will inspect whatever caused the damage and perform the required repairs. If a total ceiling restoration is necessary, they can professionally perform the task while leaving you with a clean workstation. Furthermore, the ceiling repair cost is reasonable. Contact them today for further information or a free quote. Customers from throughout Perth can benefit from their services from Perth ceiling repairs.