Wasp Control

Identifying Wasps and their types

Wasp removal Perth – The introduction of the European wasp into Australia greatly increased the number of infestations in the past few decades.  Although the normal species of wasp here are numerous, the environmental conditions of Australia allow the European wasp to continue nests through the winter.  Most European wasp nests will contain a queen and several thousand workers instead of the one individual wasp left in the colder periods of the year. It is important for you to hire a professional wasp nest removal to fix this pest problem.

The native species here in Australia exhibit many of the same characteristics as the European wasp and are equally dangerous.  With the large numbers of wasps in the area, a serious nuisance has developed in several places around the country.

Backyards, trash bins, and many other outdoor food sources are a usually prime real estate for these wasps to feed.  Keeping these areas clean and free of unsecured food sources for the wasp go a long way toward solving the problem.  Although some wasps may be beneficial in lessening garden pests, their intrusion into the environment is damaging in a personal and commercial way.

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Wasps Dangers to Individuals

The familiar sting of wasp can be painful and annoying.  Even drinking from an open container outside can be dangerous.  A sting in your mouth or throat can cause considerable swelling inhibiting breathing.  It can also be deadly for those allergic to their toxins.  Wasps release an alarm pheromone when they sting that attracts wasps to an invader that has been stung.

European wasps are much more aggressive than native species of wasps.  It is hard to tell the differences between these species so exercise caution at all times.  Wasps also do damage to fruit crops if they nest nearby.  Wasps love the taste of fruity materials and can severely damage a crop.  Because of these physical and commercial dangers, seeking out a wasp pest control professional that is familiar with the extermination of wasps is essential.

Hire a Professional Wasp Nest Removal

While killing individual wasps may be gratifying, killing the queen is the only sure-fire, effective way to take care of a wasp infestation.  Hire a professional wasp nest removal to finding the nest is the most important step to clearing your property of this pest problem.  The nest can be above or below ground.  Because of the size and number of wasp presents, a professional exterminator will equip themselves to safely remove a nest.

Wasp removal Perth will treat the nest at night when nest activity is at a low, usually outfitted in protective garments.  Using chemical treatments to disable and kill most of the wasps first lessens the risk of stinging.  A professional wasp nest removal will usually use plastic to surround the nest to better fumigate the colony.

Although this will kill most of the wasps present, the queen may still be safe and produce more eggs.  By burning the nest, any untreated insects and larvae are guaranteed to die.  A professional wasp removal Perth will cover the nest and try to burn it on the ground.  A torch or even gasoline might be used to ignite the flame.

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