Silverfish Control

Identifying Silverfish and their bad effects

A common pest to most Aussies is the silverfish.  Silverfish are small, wingless insects that are very fast movers.  Habitats are usually dark and damp.  Silverfish are very active during the night hours.  Basements, laundry rooms, and under sinks are prime locations to find these pests.  If a problem develops, they can do real damage because of their particular food sources.  Silverfish control Perth – it prefers vegetation but will eat almost anything organic if they must.

This includes food products like flour, beef, and even gum.  The real damage can come when silverfish dine on your wallpaper, cotton, and linens.  Despite their small size, silverfish can cause a lot of monetary damage.  To adequately deal with the problem, professional inspection and extermination are necessary to safely deal with this menace.

Silverfish Control

Some easy prevention methods should be followed.  Since silverfish will ingest food materials, properly seal and store all your food products in the home or business.  To prevent damage to any new books, clothing, or linens that have been stored for a long time, always inspect on arrival.  Preventing initial entry is always a great way to stop an infestation before it starts.  Silverfish dislike light, airy places, so store goods they might seek in the proper place.

Dehumidify areas that are normally damp to prevent nesting areas.  Even vacuuming cracks and crevices can go a long way to dealing with these pests.  Since silverfish can also get into walls, it is probably a good idea to seek a professional pest controller to deal with the problem before more damage occurs.

How to get rid of Silverfish Chemically?

Silverfish can spread over a property very quickly and in great numbers.  Because of this distribution, the combination of treatments are prescribed for complete silverfish extermination.  Some of the chemicals used can be hazardous.  A home or business owner may have to vacate the premises for a short time.  Starting off, applying surface sprays to places silverfish rest or travel can catch many of the pests.  These residual insecticides sprayed around entry points and the foundation of the house would be the first step.

Professional silverfish control Perth will usually completely encircle the property with a two to a three-foot barrier.  To back this up, fogging or mists cover the places that direct spraying cannot.  Catching any escaping silverfish is essential to prevent re-infestation.  Baits and dust also work effectively with spray treatments.  Baiting with a boron-based compound is commonly used.  Getting baits closer to the nest ensures proper pest control can be maintained.

For the locations that cannot become wet, dust formulas can be used.  Libraries, offices, and ceiling paneling can be treated with these dust.  Dust treatments are long-lasting and effective with supplemental treatments.  There are also specialized Silverfish-paks that trap and kill the pests.  These paks provide long-term protection, up to a year of safety!  Properly controlling these pests saves the home or business owner a lot of headaches.

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