Signs That You Need Garage Door Replacement

When should a garage door be replaced? The answer to this question isn’t simple. It is sometimes possible to repair a damaged door by simply replacing the panel. Practising smart preventative techniques, like cleaning and inspecting the door annually, can also prevent garage door repairs and ultimately garage door replacement.

However, not everything is so straightforward. When people experience a series of problems with their garage doors – often recurring issues – they know it’s time to replace them. Keep reading to learn when a garage door needs to be replaced.

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Is It Time to Replace My Garage Door?

It’s time to consider garage door replacement if your garage door regularly breaks down and the garage repair person knows you by name. You should not spend more on a door than it is worth.

You extend the door’s life by just a few months each time you pay for garage door repair. If you want a door that lasts for years to come, invest in a new one rather than spending your money on temporary garage door repair.

If the damage is limited to a single panel, you may not need to replace the door yet. If a dent or damage has only affected a small section, you can get a single panel repaired. It is cheaper to replace a panel than to buy a new garage door, but expert installation is required.

What Are the Signs That It’s Time to Replace My Garage Door?

Would a less expensive repair be enough, or should you replace your garage door? The answer lies in the overall condition of your doors. Warning signs could include:

  • Poor door insulation or sealing results in higher energy bills that indicate that you’re losing heat or cold through your garage door
  • Sections of the door that are sagging or bent can affect garage door operation as they become more pronounced over time
  • When the door opens or closes, there is a loud noise, which may indicate the springs have failed or the door is going off track
  • The appearance of the building deteriorates, such as chipped or peeling paint or visible insect infestations
  • Door hardware that is broken or inoperable, such as frayed wires and loose hinges

A garage door without necessary safety features is one of the most telling signs that it needs to be replaced. Your family’s health should never be compromised. In the event that the door no longer closes completely, you could leave your home open to intruders, who are able to break in even with the tiniest gap. An emergency garage door that is failing needs to be addressed immediately.

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