Commercial Pest Control

Rodents, birds, crawling and flying insects, termites and any other pests can jeopardise your business function and productivity and when it comes to commercial pest control, Home Pest Control Perth will rid your business of unwanted guests and stop them from coming back.

We know that every business in every industry is unique and has its own specific requirements and needs. Regulations and Health & Safety requirements need to be adhered to and it is necessary for you to meet commercial pest control requirements and offer your best service to customers.  Down-time due to a pest problem can not only lead to a loss of business but can also damage your reputation and incur huge fines and even closure.

Professional Commercial Pest Treatment

With years of experience, we have worked any and everywhere and eliminated every pest you can think of. We understand that what may work in offices, may not necessarily work in hotels and will definitely not work in restaurants. For us we know that no two jobs are the same and that is why we tailor our program based on a number of factors including the structure of the building and potential sanitation issues which could result in continual pest recurrence.

We offer specialist pest control in Perth for the the hospitality, food and drinks industry, schools, hospitals and clinics. Our commercial pest treatment plans utilises materials and processes that are completely safe and environmentally friendly, yet strong enough to prevent contamination and eliminating bugs in an instant.

We also provide a quick and discrete commercial pest control service for retail and office spaces as well as warehouses and transportation/logistics to minimise downtime and operational stoppage.

Licensed & Insured Pest Control

Home Pest Control Perth, is fully licensed and insured. Our work is fast, reliable and experienced, with no pest we can’t eliminate, no job too big or too small. Our team are knowledgable and skilled and we have a very long list of incredibly satisfied customers who trust as and can vouch for our service.

We will offer you advice and take into consideration your place of work and hours of operation to ensure minimal disruption and total discretion.

To ensure your business continues running successfully without grinding to a halt by pesky pests, simply call us for a no-obligation FREE quote. We will come in and identify the pest problem, discover where the pests are living and breeding and assess the scope of the job. Our effective pest control treatment will then eliminate pests and our pest control maintenance service will prevent pests from returning.

Our aim is to keep pests at bay from your commercial space so you can keep your employees, clients and the environment safe and happy.