How Recycling Your Car Can Help the Environment

old yellow car for car recycling

Recycling is a hot trend, and the number of people recycling their old cars has been steadily increasing in recent years. With environmental benefits, cost savings, and convenience, it’s easy to see why more individuals turn over to this new way of junk car removal.

Recycling your car is a great way to reduce landfills, keep the earth green and the ocean clean! It is one of the best ways to dispose of old cars. A large majority of most car components can be recycled, providing enormous environmental gains. The parts that cannot be recycled often have another use which means none goes wasted when they are sent in as scrap metal in Perth.

What can parts can you recycle?

1. Engine oil

Once you finish your oil, it’s not hopeless. You can take the dirty oil to a reputable collection centre that cleans and reuses used engine oils. This protects the Earth, groundwater, waterways, and natural ecosystems from an awful impact that could occur by incorrectly disposing of old motor oil.

2. Windows and windscreen

The future of recycling is in the windscreen and windows! In recent years, vehicle design has improved, meaning that glass can be recovered and recycled to produce more products we use every day, such as bottles for drinking water or insulation for homes.

3. Scrap metal

Vehicles contain many different types of scrap that can be sold to sell off companies for recycling purposes and be reused later on in another car’s creation process. Aluminium frames, axels, handles, metal, and other car components built into your vehicle can become new products if they are reused.

4. Car batteries

Car batteries can be recycled by dissecting the battery into various parts, extracted for reuse and melted down, respectively. So don’t just throw away your battery along your general waste. This is not only illegal but harms the environment drastically and causes toxic chemicals in landfills.

5. Car tyres

If we are not careful burning used tyres, it can create dangerous air pollution in our surroundings. Instead of dumping them into landfills and polluting everything with toxic runoff, responsible dealers that offer junk car removals will recycle old tyres, asphalt roads or surfaces like playgrounds.

6. Plastic components

In the old days, cars were put together with metal and wood, but now most of their parts are plastic. Luckily they can be recycled by a mechanical chop-and wash process where it is washed before being ground down and melted to reuse. Chemical recycling also breaks these plastics into essential components so they can be transformed into new objects.

7. Oil filters

There are multiple potential uses for used oil filters. All dirty materials, like the steel components and grey sludge from old oils, can be recycled to make items such as cars or cans that we use every day in our lives.

8. Car engines

When an engine is scrapped, it can be recycled for metal and raw materials. Other machines have the potential to go through a process of remanufacturing so that they may still live in another vehicle. If there’s any life left at all in your old car engine, you could sell it. While if not, then its parts are dismantled for replacement purposes or rebuilt into functional machinery again

9. Car mats and carpets

Give your old car mat a second life by turning it into something useful. There are practical and creative ways of using old carpets. Learn how to reuse carpets like gardeners do with their compost heaps or keep weeds at bay and save the environment from some of those billions of kilograms that hit landfills every year!

10. Starters & Alternators

Starter motors and alternators are expensive for drivers to replace. Luckily, they can be recycled and reconditioned, so they will look and function as if they’re brand new. And with recent innovations in recycling programs, it’s now easier than ever before to get replacements without breaking the bank.

Mother Nature Will Thank You

With vehicle recycling, you can play a part in reducing the amount of scrap metal that ends up in landfills. You may also save some money on repairs and even prevent your own car from being scrapped by purchasing car components for reconditioned vehicles that have been recycled to be reused again!

In Perth, scrap metal services are an essential industry that helps people living on Earth and their environment with every purchase made. Recycling saves significant quantities of precious metals from landfill sites and instead reuses
them to create new products, so they’re not simply discarded but renewed for another life cycle.

Dream Lucky Scrap Metal

If you want to find a way to recycle your car components, but don’t know where to start, Dream Lucky Scrap Metal is here for you. They have over 20 years of experience and are located in the Perth Metro Area. With their great expertise in metal recycling facilities, there will be no need for an overloaded landfill site again. Give them a call today to get the best junk car removal and profit from Perth’s excellent scrap metal services.

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