Sag Your Ceiling Before It Sags On You


When the ceiling of your house starts to sag, it might be time for a replacement. The restoration is usually necessary because heavy damage can make ceilings unsafe and unsightly. You can get help by contacting reliable Perth experts who can assist with sagging ceiling repair and any problems relating specifically to your needs!

It is essential to prevent further outcomes like this and avoid that someone gets hurt. Therefore you need to know what the reasons are that get your ceiling sagged down.

What Causes a Sagging Ceiling

1. Termites

Termites like to bite through everything in their way. These little rascals not only attack the wood underneath your house but can also make their way into it by simply grinding through the walls. So if they reach your ceiling, they might cause it to lose its stability and break down.

2. Leaks and Water Damage

Broken pipes from showers, toilets or sinks on the level above can cause a leak in the ceiling, as the water softens the wood and plaster it consists of. Over time this can cause the floor to fill up and become heavier and heavier, and the water damaged ceiling will start dipping downwards.

3. Earthquakes

If you live in an area where earthquakes are a common phenomenon, this could be the reason for a sagging ceiling. The vibrations and shaky movements can cause the plaster to break and collapse in itself.

4. Moisture From Your Settling Home

If you just built yourself a brand new home, you should watch out for any cracks or cuts in the ceiling over the next few years. Construction materials like cement are full of moisture that will evaporate from time to time as your home sort of “settles in”. The shifting of the construct is a normal thing in this case.

5. Bad Construction

Maybe you should also start questioning the quality of work that the company you hired put into the construction of your ceiling. Poor erecting can cause the plaster or wood to break and shift after a while and make the whole set-up sag down.

6. Elderliness

How long has it been that your house was built? If you can see some cracks around cornices or already sagged down parts, then it is time to take caution! Wood plasterings usually last between 20 to 50 years, while concrete ceilings can make it up to 75 years. Like humans, these ceilings can go with the dead reaper as well and say goodbye by simply collapsing down.

7. Vibrations of Garage Gates

If you have a garage with roller doors or panel lift doors, they can cause a sagging ceiling as well. Whenever you use these, vibrations from their movements transfer through the ceiling and cause internal shakings to shift the
plaster construct inside.


Why You Should Act Immediately

1. Hazards

It’s like a ticking time bomb. Sagging ceilings can cause many problems if left alone, but the worst is that they could come crashing down on you without any warning at all!

When water damage causes ceiling plaster to sag, it creates an environment for mould growth, leading to severe health problems. It’s best to get rid of these risks by fixing your sagging roof. This precaution will help prevent the water damaged ceiling from getting worse in terms of structural integrity. So instead of spending thousands of dollars on damage repair, invest in an excellent sagging ceiling repair and keep you and your home safe.

2. Prevention and Solution

You may think that hiring a licensed contractor is expensive, but it’s way cheaper than the cost of a plaster ceiling repair. You should always hire an expert if you have any signs of a leak in the ceiling or other problems with your home. They can help prevent more significant and expensive repairs in the future, such as replacing ageing support beams with new ones, by catching them early on. It might be worth checking out for termites, too, since these pesky little bugs could cause some serious damage down the road!

Perth Ceiling Repairs

Your ceiling is the most critical part of your home. It protects you from outside elements but also helps to reduce noise pollution and even saves electricity on air conditioners by insulating against cold drafts in winter months. Luckily for homeowners who need professional assistance with their sagging ceiling repair, there’s no better place than Perth Ceiling Repairs.

They provide high-quality products at competitive prices while guaranteeing safety measures to keep everyone snug inside the house 24/7! If there’s something wrong with your ceilings, don’t hesitate any longer and contact the expert Perth service today!

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