Rodents Control

Rodent infestation and its effects on Humans

Rodent infestation is a big problem for pest control Perth, Australia.  There are three species that cause major problems in homes and commercial buildings. They are the Roof rat, Norway rat, and the house mouse.  Rats and rodents cause many problems for property owners, you need to hire rat control Perth to fix this problem.  Destruction of goods, physical damage from gnawing, and disease concerns are all effects of rodent infestations.  The disease spreads easily with rodents. That’s why its important for you to hire a professional rodent control Perth to fix this problems.

The Black Death was spread by rodents on ships, causing the biggest plague in history.  Rodents carry fleas and ticks that also carry dangerous diseases.  Also, rodents are also able to reproduce at a staggering rate, having multiple litters each year.  Left unchecked, a small rodent problem can turn into a catastrophe.

Where will I find rat and what do they eat?

Rodents infestation are found in a variety of different areas inside and outside the home.  The roof rat seldom burrows and can be found outdoors nesting in vines and trees.  Keeping your property clean of possible nesting sites can prevent an introduction of rodents onto your property.  Move woodpiles away from the home and keep the grass cut short.

Inside the home, wall cavities and cupboards are areas common homes for these pests.  Rats and mice are omnivorous feeders, meaning they can eat anything. Rats and mice usually feed at night but are known to feed during the day if they are secluded and safe.

Inspection of property is important to find their nesting area.  Any droppings, tracks, or gnawing marks could signify a rodent problem.  Some rodents will get in your pantry and gnaw directly into a box of food.  Keeping food and trash waste in a secure place can cut down on rodent food sources.  Seeking out a professional rodent control Perth to identify these factors makes it easier to eliminate the problem in the long run.

Rodent Control in Perth

Some things a homeowner can do to help get rid of rodent are sanitizing and rodent proofing your property.  Cleaning up food particles and taking away nesting opportunities can help reduce the population in your home or business.  Sealing entry points and the bottom of doorways can greatly reduce rodent entry into the home. Treating a rodent problem is best handled by professional rat control Perth.

Species identification and nesting habits provide a rodent control Perth with the information needed to take care of the infestation.  Physically capturing rodents is still the most common way to kill these pests.  Mouse traps or sticky traps lure rodents and kill or capture them. Chemical options are also available, but you need to hire the right rat control Perth if want to use chemical. Baiting rodents with poison are very effective. Finding a well-traveled avenue of the rodents gives you a place to put your traps.

Also, fumigants can take care of a large area of infestation effectively. Sealing up entry and exit points will make fumigation more effective, trapping the rodents with the poison. Some of these can be dangerous methods, so use a qualified and professional pest controller.

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