How to Clean Smoke Damaged on Walls and Ceilings

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If your home has been exposed to smoke from cigarettes, cigars, incense or other sources, it is likely to cause unpleasant smoke damage, smells and stains in the walls and roof that will require ceiling cleaning. In some cases, the damage will be so great that you will require Perth ceiling repair.

Tar and nicotine cause yellow discolouration on your walls, especially smoke residue on your ceiling (since smoke rises). This smoke residue is not only unsightly and may require difficult ceiling cleaning, but it can also pose a health risk since thirdhand smoke can cause serious health problems when it sticks to surfaces like walls and ceilings.

While cleaning cigarette smoke from the ceiling might seem like a hassle, it’s well worth it. As a bonus, not only will your home be clean and odourless, but you’ll also be less exposed to harmful thirdhand smoke, making your home healthier and easier to sell when the time comes.

Removal of Smoke Damage on Walls and Ceilings: A Step-by-Step Guide

To remove cigarette smoke from walls and ceilings, follow these five steps.

1. Determine the Cleaning Method to Use.

In order to remove cigarette smoke from ceilings, you can try several different solutions, including:

● A solution of vinegar and water.
● An ammonia solution.
● TSP (trisodium phosphate).
● Various other products for cleaning ceilings.

Check out the options available to you. For large, tough stains, stronger chemicals like ammonia and TSP will do wonders, but they are strong, so use caution and the right protective methods and equipment.

You can probably get away with a milder solution if you’re cleaning a small or lightly soiled area.

2. Assemble All Materials

Get all your cleaning materials together once you have chosen your preferred cleaning method. When removing smoke from ceilings, you should have the following items on hand:

● Cleaning solution.
● Spray bottle.
● A big bucket.
● Mop with the sponge.
● A scrub brush.
● Drop cloths.
● Rags.
● Gloves.
● Primer.
● Paint.

Stay away from scrub sponges, harsh chemicals, or Teflon pads if your walls or ceilings have latex or oil-based paint, as they will all leave scratches.

3. Make Sure the Area Is Ready

Once you have prepared all of your cleaning materials and laid the drop clothes to prevent water from getting on your floors and furniture, you can prep the area for wall and ceiling cleaning.

● Place a drop cloth on the floor to catch any solution that may drip. Make sure the baseboards are well covered.
● Make sure the power is turned off in the room. If you’re working near electrical outlets, be careful not to get water or solution on them. You can use duct tape to seal these outlets while you are cleaning.
● Last but not least, dust the walls and ceilings with a damp microfiber or chamois cloth.

4. Cleaning the Walls and Ceilings

Your choice of cleaning agent will determine how you clean smoke from walls and ceilings. You should follow these five steps:

● Take a smooth towel or rag and soak it in the solution for a few seconds.
● Work your way up the wall and ceiling in circular motions, starting at the bottom and working your way up.
● Dampen a clean cloth with water and wipe the surface.
● To dry the section, wipe the drips with a soft, clean cloth right after rinsing.
● Using the same process, clean the remaining sections of the wall and ceiling, changing the clothes and water frequently to avoid reintroducing gunk.

5. Repaint The Damaged Area

It may be necessary to paint over your walls and ceilings if cleaning them did not completely remove smoke stains and smells.

Allow the walls and ceilings to dry completely for a day or two. Then, apply a primer that will prevent stains and odours from permeating the fabric.

Then, apply the coloured paint. Remember that new paint will make non-painted areas of the wall and ceiling look duller, so you may have to paint the entire room if need be.

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