Honey Bees Control

Bee Removal Perth – Australia has over 1,500 species of native bees.  Most are harmless and do good for the natural world.  Bees are natural pollinators, moving from flower to flower feeding.  This natural ability makes them vitally important to plant reproduction.  Most say to stay away from bees and they will stay away from you.  This is true in some cases.  Bees tend to mind their own business and try to work in their hive mentality.  Other invasive species like the European honey bee might change those opinions.  These honey bees are notorious for swarming if endangered and must be attended to with caution.  Seek a bee exterminator Perth that is qualified to deal with bees.

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Honey Bee Threat

Bee removal Perth – Bee stings are very painful and can be quite dangerous.  Most species will die after stinging a person because their stinger is ripped out of the bee’s body killing it.  As mentioned before, species like the European honey bee and Africanized honey bee travel in swarms.  If attacked by a swarm, grave injury or death is a possibility.  Those allergic to bee stings are especially vulnerable.  Anaphylactic shock stemming from a bee sting can cause a victim to swell and stop breathing.  Most notable instances of injury or death from bee stings can be attributed to allergic reactions.  This makes safety paramount.  It also makes identification of different bee species an important factor in dealing with professional bee exterminator Perth.

Methods for Bees extermination

Three methods of bee control have been deemed the most effective by professional bee exterminator Perth.  First, inspection of property can physically locate probable nesting sites.  Trying to follow a foraging bees flight path back to the nest is also possible.  Bees can be found in hives that could be attached to a tree, building, or in the ground.  Because of the danger involved with climbing and also pesticides, exercise caution and call a bee removal Perth.

After locating the hive, treat it with insecticides.  Most specialists will proceed to cover and burn the hive if it can be detached from it’s home.  Safely burning the nest will definitely kill a queen, who is capable of producing up to 2,000 eggs a day.  The second method involves attracting swarms to nest boxes by various pheromone lures.

By using insecticides by time release or manually, a swarm can be physically destroyed.  This method is usually only effective at a close range to the swarm or hive.  The pheromones used to attract the bees to have a short range.  Only by capturing a significant portion of the swarm or hive makes this method suitable.

Again, the hive should be contained and burned if possible.  The third method involves a remote application of insecticides to foragers outside the colony.  By placing bait stations, a professional can successfully destroy the hive at minimal exposure.  Foragers must actively use the bait to work correctly.  But if the bees accept the bait readily, the end of the hive will be near.  Once again, contain and burn the hive if it can be done.

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