6 Equipment You Need to Prepare for a Safe Boating

boat in the middle of the sea

It’s vital to carry the various safety boating equipment whenever you are operating your boat. The type of equipment and exact quantity required depends on what kind of vessel or boat you are operating and how far offshore you travel. You must follow the guidelines while operating your vessel according to the Skippers license Perth and ensure that everyone knows how to use the various boating and safety equipment. You should be familiar with the various boating equipment required, including inflatable life jackets, firefighting equipment, distress flares, and beacons.  


Equipment you need to prepare for safe boating

1. Life jackets 

A lifejacket is vital boating equipment since it protects individuals on board in the vessels conducting their operations in unprotected waters. Each lifejacket must suit each person’s weight, kept in an easily accessible place and maintained in good condition.

2. Anchor 

If you are conducting operations in unprotected waters, you must carry an efficient line and anchor. You should also have a Skippers licence Perth while having enough line to suit the depths and seabed conditions in which you usually operate.

3. Radios 

If you are operating more than five miles from the mainland shore, you need to carry a marine band radio. The selection of a radio can be 27 MHz, HF or VHF. When at sea, you must have your radio tuned to the distress frequency. You must also have your radio stay on the working frequency of the station if it’s logged on to a shore station.

4. Distress flares

Flares are one of the most vital equipment, and the method used to fire flares depends mainly on the manufacturers and the flare types. One should be familiar with the flare firing methods and instructions, usually printed on the flare. You must be careful while firing the hand-held red flares to avoid being burnt by the hot glowing embers that might spill on you.

5. Fire extinguishers

If your vessel is fitted with a heating system, inboard engine, cooling or cooking system, you must have an approved fire extinguisher. You can select an extinguisher of your choice from dry chemical, foam, vaporizing liquid or carbon dioxide provided that it complies with the Australian standards. 

6. Bilge pumps 

These are electrical water pumps that are wired into a ship’s main marine battery or electrical system. The bilge pumps can be power operated or manual and must have the capacity to pump 44 kilolitres of water per hour. To prevent choking of the pump section the bilge pump is protected by a strainer. Clean bilges drastically decrease the possibility of blocked pumps.



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