Ant Control

Ants are one of the most recognizable pests in the world.  Here in Australia, 3,000 different species inhabit the countryside.  Most of these species live in permanent colonies ranging in size.  Locations for ant colonies include the soil, wood, and rock formations.  Ant feeding habits vary from the scavenger to the predator.  Some ant species are omnivorous – allowing them to eat whatever is available.  Ants are generally considered to be one of the most successful species of insect because of their diversification and numbers.  Controlling ant infestations in and around a home or business is crucial to preventing long-term problems, that’s why you should not wait to hire an ant pest control Perth.

Identifying Ants

Ants are considered to be a “nuisance” pest.  They have the ability to carry disease, as many other invading pests do.  Unsightly mounds in lawns or gardens can annoy or disgust a property owner.  Soil subsidence is also a huge problem.  Ants get under concrete and damage the soil,  degrading the strength of the portion of soil holding up the concrete.  And everyone knows what happens when they bite you.

Those itches and a raised bump are well known to most Aussies.  Hygiene and sanitation in and around your property can greatly reduce the likelihood of an infestation.  Food sources must be contained and properly stored.  Even pet food is a source of sustenance for ants.  Properly trimming the vegetation around a home or business is a reliable way to cut down on ant entry into your home.

Professional Ant Control Perth

Hire a professional ant pest control Perth can do a proper inspection can quickly identify problem areas.  For someone not familiar with ants, a professional ant control Perth should be sought out.  Learning clues about the particular ant species involved can lead to the location of the nest.  Different ant species have different nesting and food preferences.

Exterminators have an array of ways to combat ant infestations, too.  Direct treatment of a colony is always the most efficient way to combat an ant problem.  Sometimes the colony can not be found.  This makes indirect methods another essential tool to any exterminator.

Chemical for Ant Control Perth

Liquid sprays, dry powders and even granules comprise the chemical options a professional will use.  The placement and type of these chemicals affects the outcome of the extermination.  Direct treatment with these compounds can be devastating to a colony.  As for the indirect methods that can be used, the professional exterminator will use his knowledge of an ants ability to use chemical’s scents to navigate to their food sources.

Some of these chemicals create a barrier that wards off or kills the ants.  With the amount of chemical options, safety becomes a priority.  Most of the types of chemicals ant pest control Perth use are safe for people and pets.  In addition,  baits can indirectly eliminate colonies effectively.  The compounds in baits will be carried back to the colony.  Seeking out a professional pest controller is always the safest, most effective way to combat an ant infestation.

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